Google Maps Gets Turned Into A Labyrinth Cube Game!

Posted on Monday, April 30th, 2012 by

Have you ever played one of those addictive (yet admittedly slightly irritating) labyrinth cube games, where you have to get the little ball into a hole on the other side of the cube? Well Google’s army of geeks have been having a ‘ball’ of fun (sorry…) turning Google Maps into a cube game!

Playing on the theme of the little blue ball that you follow around when navigating your way somewhere using your Google Maps smartphone app, Google (who maybe have a little too much time on their hands!) have created a fun little coffee break game for you to try, where you direct that little ball to various world destinations on a Google Maps cube. Take a look at the particularly cool/geeky video of Google engineers building a real life Google Maps Cube Game, and then click here or on the screenshots to have a go / “explore your world”!


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