Could A Website Decide How Happy You Are?

Posted on Monday, April 30th, 2012 by

How happy do you feel today? Being happy is not only a matter of circumstances. It’s a matter of choice, or in the case of Illuum, a website’s choice! If you’re determined to be happy, no one can take that away from you. But the truth is, it’s not always so easy to pull it off, and that’s where Illuum steps in to help you: Illuum is a decision making engine that lets you rate your days, see what makes you happy, and track your happiness over time!

Are you willing to tell a website how happy you are?

Illuum all starts with a simple, friendly question: “how was your day today?” And this forms the backbone of Illuum’s unique way of measuring your happiness. Every day, you give your day a rating and add a simple description to it – a couple of sentences are enough. Once you rate and describe enough days, you’ll start to see patterns and trends emerging. Illuum then generates a number that you can follow over time and is a general denoter of how good your life is going. In that way, it gives you a data set to work from. It also develops word clouds to figure out what your good and bad days have in common. So in other words, there’s now even a website that tells you how happy you are!

Some great features on Illuum:

Another great feature on Illuum is the “trackables”. You can add something you want to track like a relationship, and then each day, as you log in to rate your day, you can evaluate how you’re feeling on this subject, and find out which way you’re leaning. “This will…help you know how you really feel.” You can also set yourself a goal, such as dieting or quit smoking, and track that too. Lastly, and by far my favorite tool, is the “decision maker”: just write down what you are trying to decide, enter the options and let Illuum decide for you (I can tell you, it makes good decisions!)

Are you feelling happy today? If you’re not, get started on Illuum! You’ve nothing to lose but the stress.


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