Piccsy: Meet the Pinterest-alike about to take on Google Images

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Piccsy: a visual dairy tailored specifically towards your tastes. Whether it be animals, food,  fashion or sports,  Piccsy streams images that match your interests giving you the power to customize your own scrapbook. The best part about it, its free, and will always be.

PICCSY – Just as easy as it to pin something to your Pintrest account,  using Piccsy (+) button, you can instantly create an organize images into a gallery focused around any theme, creating a quick and effortless way to compile and share images with friends, family, and other Piccsy users across your favorite social networks.

So why choose Piccsy, when it’s practically Pinterest?

Piccsy currently attracts over 3.5 million visitors and 30 million pageviews per month. So, despite the similarity between the two services, founder and CEO Daniel Eckler doesn’t see an issue with Piccsy and Pinterest co-existing. “Websites like Pinterest and sites that are similar to them gaining so much traction only validates how important images are to people online,” he says. Moreover, Eckler isn’t concerned with his site’s similarities to the so popular Pinterest due to the fact that Eckler’s vision for the service has nothing to do with beating the established lookalike. He’s aiming much higher: Google images.

Does Piccsy have the power to crush Google?

I am not so sure. Sites like Google Images seem to work just fine for me, but Piccsy CEO Eckler has a point. Image discovery through Google Images is fragmented and distributed across a so many sources that has become impossible to navigate.  By identifying streams of interest that are important to users, Piccsy solves the discovery/fragmentation problem by customizing an image that is specifically catered to your preferences.

All My Faves Bottom Line:

Piccsy helps you discover the images you love by creating a visual dairy which is tailored specifically towards your tastes. It’s clear that Eckler believes Piccsy to be the future of image aggregation; now the company just needs to prove it.

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