VoteIt: An Easier Way Than Facebook to Make Group Decisions

Posted on Monday, May 21st, 2012 by

Have you ever tried making a group decision online? You know, for anything from deciding on dinner location with friends to having your colleagues agree on a strategy at work. If you have, you’ve probably used Facebook to get your answers, but there’s an easier solution: VoteIt, a real-time, social decision making platform that works both online and on mobile.

Why should you use VoteIt to make a group decision?

After a quick signup you create a vote about whatever topic you desire, then choose what kind of options the voters will get (Yes, No, don’t mind, etc.),and add general info about the vote. That you can choose to make the vote public (by opening a link to which anyone can enter and place their vote) or private (by sending specific emails) is a particularly useful feature.

There are two advantages to VoteIt over asking Facebook questions: first you can add attachments to the vote which means you can point the voters to a file that is relevant to the vote. Secondly there is a real time update on the vote’s progress, you can see who voted so far and read their comments, which helps create a conversation over the decision making process.

We found making a group decision with VoteIt so simple…

We actually tried VoteIt at All My Faves, by asking some of the guys in our HQ to decide whether it should be a Weekly Fave (as you can see below), and found it extremely efficient and easy to use.

Bottom Line:

With VoteIt, you can raise any question and issue with ease and find out what the people whose opinion you care for think of it, without having to check through tons of emails. Have an issue your struggling with? Want to get other people’s opinion about it? Use Voteit and you will get your answer, maybe even quicker than Facebook!

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