The Top 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions

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What are the most common job interview questions? That’s a question we’re certain pretty much any job seeker asks themselves (and I can say that from personal experience of prepping for my initial interview here at All My Faves!) It’s also exactly what latest Weekly Fave, Interview Quiz, aims to help you with. And in honor of discovering it, here are the top 10 most common interview questions you might get asked at your next job…

Top 10 Most Common Interview Questions:

These are, according to research, the top 10 most common interview questions – you can adapt them to whatever role you’re going for:

1. Tell me about yourself. (horrible question I know!)

2. What interests you about this job? (Or why do you want to work for us?)

3. What do you know about ___ [insert Company name] so far?

4. Why did you leave your last job? (Or why are you thinking about leaving your current job?)

5. Tell me about your experience at ___. (Insert past job.)

6. What experience do you have doing ____? (Insert each of the major responsibilities of the job.)

7. Tell me about your strengths.

8. Tell me about a time when… (Fill in with situations relevant to the position, like: Tell me about when you had to take initiative … you had to deal with a difficult customer … you had to respond to a crisis … you had to respond to criticism from a colleague … You get the idea.)

9. What salary range are you looking for?

10. What questions do you have for me?

 Now Use Interview Quiz to practice these questions for your interview…

Taking the most asked and most common interview questions (including all of the above), Interview Quiz helps you prep for your next interview by throwing these questions at you, and giving you 30 seconds to answer each one. It basically replaces your friends / saves them from having to get bored humoring you by simulating endless interviews with you prior to the big day.

A brilliantly simple website – you simply press ‘enter’ to move on to the next question, or ‘space’ to restart your timer – Interview Quiz is an interesting way to practice for any interview. Its quickfire questions approach is a bit stressful, but definitely gets you pumped up and ready to impress recruiters. Click here to try it out, or on the screenshot. And good luck!

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