Photo Creator: Don’t Search For Stock Photos. Create Them.

Posted on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 by

Photo Creator is an Icons 8 site in which you can create your own stock photos.

Make Custom Stock Photos

Anyone who’s ever used stock photos understands that they can be a convenient alternative to original pictures. Everyone who’s used them also likely knows that it’s difficult to find stock photos that accurately match whatever it is that you have in mind. Although it’s easy to find an approximation of your idea, rarely does it sync up directly. Photo Creator lets you get even closer to your photographic goal. Using the site’s extensive library of pre-cut-out stock images and objects, and combining them with backdrops, you can create whatever scenery or image that you want. It’s still not perfect, but it’s much more customizable than the average stock photo.

Download and Share/Post

The best part about Photo Creator is how quickly visitors are able to put together custom photographs that they can use on a variety of platforms. You can search for images that match whatever you’re looking for, in terms of people, objects, or backdrops. You can easily add images to the canvas, and take them out or swap them as needed. When you’re done creating your photo, you can export your finished product as either a Photoshop file or a png image. The site even offers a simple sizing guide before downloading. The images are free, whereas the ability download PSD files is $20/month. If you want to make a cool custom stock photo, consider checking out Icon 8’s Photo Creator.

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