Magic Plan – iPhone App of the Week: Easy Way to Draw Floor Plans

Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2012 by

Meet the quietly brilliant Magic Plan for iPhone – our App of the Week on All My Faves. It allows you to draw up floor plan layouts incredibly easily, just by taking photos of your room!

Why you don’t need to be an architect to draw up a perfect floor plan…

Magic Plan – Imagine you’re walking by a flea market and all of a sudden you see the most perfect wardrobe for your bedroom. It’sĀ  at least a hundred years old, made of oak wood, love at first sight. You don’t hesitate in buying it. Big mistake… As soon as the moving truck delivers it, you realize the beautiful wardrobe may be beautiful, but it just doesn’t fit into the dimensions of your bedroom, just as Cinderella’s shoe would never fit her ugly sisters!

And that’s where Magic Plan for iPhone steps in to save the day: It’s a free app that – almost by magic – creates a professional-looking floor plan of your rooms, simply from a couple of photos you take of that room. Which means you can take a blueprint of your home everywhere on your iPhone, without ever having to enlist an architect or decorator!

Who uses Magic Plan, and what for?

Magic Plan is used by real estate agents, home inspectors, interior designers and insurance claim adjusters… and because it’s so simple to use – not being a professional – it can be used by you too! Because the floor plans Magic Plan measures and draws from your photos are so accurate (which is amazing in itself!), it’s an app that provides solutions for a vast range of scenarios in a home. We think it’d be really useful for evaluating furniture fit, estimating a renovation, planning an intervention or even sketching a crime scene (heaven forbid…)! We may even be looking at a mini revolution in the real estate market: No need for expertise, time or money. Just a simple floor plan app. Click here to take a look.

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