Silly Sausage – Free Online Puzzle Game o’ the Week

Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2012 by

Silly Sausage is our free online flash game of the week, and you can play it on All My Faves Games. Read our review first though…



Silly Sausage: Retro puzzle game to end all retro puzzle games?

Silly Sausage is one of the more surprisingly fun games of the week we’ve played for a while. When you first click onto Silly Sausage you would be mistaken for thinking you’ve warped back to the days of arcade classics like Pacman, Super Mario et al. You’re consumed by soothing 1980s arcade game music, flashing lights and nice, big, chunky graphics. And the gameplay is as simple as any online puzzle game should be.

You play by using the keyboard arrows to direct a loveable little sausage dog through sticky mazes, collecting gems and avoiding various flying objects that will electrocute your new pet pooch. And that’s basically it: simple, retro fun that will take up a few minutes in your next coffee break!

Try it by clicking here or on the pics.


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