Which character are you in the office?

Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2012 by

Find out about the kind of worker that you are with this fun, picture-based, online test at Tidepool.co… Read more about it here.

Take the Work Type Test at Tidepool… we dare you!

TidePool – Have you ever felt curious about the kind of worker you are in terms of what you bring to the team? Then allow me to introduce you to this website, kind of a mix between the horoscope and a good dose of management psychology. TidePool is a picture assessment scientifically designed for you to learn about yourself and the people you relate to in your working environment through a fun assessment. So basically a great chance to discover your work compatibility (and have some fun along the way)!

‘Loyalist’, ‘Free Verse Poet’ or ‘Work Horse’?

Are you a loyalist that “transforms haphazard groups into tight-knit teams through low-hey sociability? Or maybe a free verse poet that “invents revolutionary approaches and solutions through an innate sense of creative spontaneity”? In order to understand yourself better, all you have to do is choose: first, the website will offer you a selection of pictures that you have to order in terms of preference; then, you will have to pick between two images in a spontaneous way, running against time; finally, you will have to click on your favorite disciplines as they appear on the screen. In this way, Tidepool will determine your profile as part of a team. The most interesting app, of course, is to invite your colleagues and friends to discover who you can work the best with.

I took the test and it seems that I’m a ‘Web Weaver‘ that brings “team unity, sensitivity, and enthusiasm through spontaneous sociability”. I don’t want to flatter myself but sounds quite accurate to me (You wish Natalia! ed.). Still doubtful about this website’s powers? Give it a try and let us know the results!


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