Find the “Next Big Idea” (that already exists)

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 by is not just another trade site. It’s much more than that. “Broodr was designed to directly connect sellers and their creations with customers to discover and purchase the most unique and exciting products”. And the site’s definition of itself couldn’t be more accurate. Checking out this website is like participating in a slightly geeky magic show: you’re constantly introduced to creative ideas and fun products. You can’t help but get excited by at least some of ’em!

Broodr’s product range is diverse, often bizarre, but always fun:

This website turns the world of online shopping on its head: instead of offering you what you need, it provides you with everything you never knew existed and now can’t stop wishing for. From a wooden iPhone charging dock up to “Bedphones” (headphones made especially for use in bed!) in the technology section; from a vintage flower necklace to a knitted beard (yes, it really is what you think…) in apparel; from a magic wand remote control – ever wanted to be Harry Potter? – to a gigantic gallbladder plush in the “everything else” section.

You can sell cool stuff you’ve made on Broodr too:

If you’ve got a product or invention you’ve been dying to sell (like the guys who made this Harry Potter-esque magic wand remote), this may be a perfect platform to share your work: You can create a profile, upload your work; thereby submitting it to the marketplace. And because the range isn’t huge yet, you could get noticed quicker. If you’re feeling particularly charitable, you can refer a product or person you think could be a hit on Broodr too. Click here to enter the Broodr marketplace.

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