KNSTRCT – A Visual Journey to the World of Design

Posted on Monday, March 21st, 2011 by

KNSTRCT – This fabulous digital magazine is a beautifully created ‘design central’ both industry professionals and casual observers will appreciate. KNSTRCT aims to be “a global hub of design and innovation, an online destination for art, interiors, architecture, fashion, travel and all other limitless definitions of ‘design’.” Does it live up to its mission statement? You bet. Their very homepage screams aesthetics in every possible way:

The homepage is made up of a collage of photos, each representing a separate article with a different artist or project in focus. Simply hover your mouse over one of them and it will become highlighted. If you prefer the more straight-forward way, simply use the menu on the top right and browse the KNSTRCT magazine by picking design type, industry, or use their open search.

The two photos below represent a couple of amazing articles I found here on KNSTRCT and wanted to share. The first is Lang Baumann Paints the Streets of Vercorin, and the second is The Gardens of Marqueyssac. Click the images below to see the full posts and hi-res photos.

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