They Draw & Cook – Illustrated Recipe Collection with Lots of Pizazz

Posted on Monday, March 21st, 2011 by

They Draw & Cook – Brother and sister Nate and Salli are a wonderful talented team of design and illustration. What started out as an effort to recreate a tasty dish they had during a vacation soon sprung into Nate and Salli’s amazingly creative illustrated recipe blog, They Draw & Cook. Text based recipes are fine if you are already familiar with the dish. If you’re a first timer however, the text-only list of ingredients and how-to is downright boring and lacks that pizazz I’m often relying on to get me into the cooking groove.

They Draw & Cook is all about putting lots of color and good vibes into cooking, as the blog’s recipe collection offers illustrated recipes that take the cooking experience to a whole new level. Here are a few examples (click the image to see the full recipe in larger size):

Can’t get enough? Find another recipe. Is one of your kids an avid kitchen helper? Try out the Kids Draw & Cook. To submit your own recipe and artowrk, click here.

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