Is FamilyLeaf the New Facebook for Families?

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 by

If your family is anything like mine, Facebook really isn’t an appropriate way to share around those lovely/awkward Mother’s Day Brunch and Thanksgiving photos: it’s too confusing and just too public. Perhaps it’s time to move your family over to FamilyLeaf, an easier, more secure way to share family photos and conversations.

Making Sharing more Specific

Move over Facebook, and move over e-mail, because FamilyLeaf is throwing its hat into the ring as the latest “new way to share photos, communicate, and create events”. Only this time it’s JUST for your family members. And that’s probably a good thing – it keeps those nosey family members away from the stuff you don’t want them to see on Facebook, and shows them all the lovely relevant photos and comments that you do!

If you finally got around to uploading those photos from your son’s third birthday, AND want to invite family to his fourth birthday party, FamilyLeaf lets you do both. FamilyLeaf allows you to upload selected photos from your computer, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. You just have to use email one last time to communicate with family members – by inviting them to join. Once they have, they can view all your family related photos, and tell you what they think would be a great place for Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th anniversary party.

Have as many family groups as you want

Don’t forget about the inlaws… with FamilyLeaf you can have multiple families to always communicate with. Do you ever feel burdened with having to repeat how great the family vacation to Disney was? Post it for all to see with photos and story blurbs so you never have to re-tell how you were too scared to go on the Tower of Terror again.

FamilyLeaf is a new and easy way to communicate with your whole family at one time. So if grandma is still confused about Facebook and wants to see your life, perhaps it is time to show her FamilyLeaf.

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