Ever Wondered Where Chefs Eat Out? Chefs Feed: App of the Week

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 by

Chefs Feed is a quirky twist on the restaurant guide app. This app reveals where the best chefs eat out when they’re not in their own kitchens… Take culinary advice from those who know their way around food before you order!

A Restaurant Guide with a professional difference…

Chefs Feed gives you restaurant and dishes recommendations based on what the best chefs in your city eat when they’re out on the town, accompanied by thorough explanation on what makes those dishes so special to them. With over 500 contributing chefs from the best dining cities in the country, Chefs Feed is a restaurant guide full of good taste.

The app allows you to quickly find food based on proximity, neighborhood, cuisine type and more. Each dish offers insightful chef reviews plus relevant info. When new chefs and dishes have been added to the guide, you will be notified so that you will not miss out any mind blasting culinary experience out there…

And of-course, Chefs Feed is social…

Chefs Feed allows you to track, plan, and share your culinary adventures with friends as you build your network, and your flavor profile. This social aspect magnifies with features such as receiving live information from the chefs and people you follow.

With thousands of high-end to hole-in-the-wall restaurant recommendations straight from the mouths of the country’s best chefs, you’ll learn where to go, and most importantly, what to order.

So if you want to know where Mario Batali gets his carnitas taco fix, where Wolfgang Puck goes for sushi or where Thomas Keller goes for pasta – Chefs Feed has the answers. (check Chefs Feed’s YouTube channel for some great chefs city based reccomendations…)



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