Dreamboard: Discover More About Yourself Through Your Dreams

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 by

Dream Board allows you to keep track of your dreams and discover something you may not even know yet!

We’ve all heard that immediately after waking up we should turn over to our bedside table with our monogrammed journal and quill pen, and write everything we remember from our dreams during the night. Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world and cannot remember to set our alarm for the correct time let alone to keep a journal of dreams.

Analyze Your Dreams

Dreamboard is the new way to track your dreams including your emotions, who was involved, where, and the plot. There are also many aspects you may not even think of as important that Dreamboard asks. What was the color scheme, were you in the dream or watching from afar, was it weird or nothing too unusual, and what were some of the themes of the dream. There is even an option to select that while you were dreaming, you knew it was a dream, it is a recurring dream, or even a sequel to a dream you previously had.

Track the meaning behind your dreams

Keep track of how many dreams you have throughout the month, how you compare to other dreamers, and more. Do you occasionally see or hear something that triggers more about what happened in your dream? Edit it at any point and add more details and tags.

This is certainly a resolution I will be starting a month early and hope to do everyday. Can’t be hassled with your computer so early? If you have an iPhone, right after you turn the alarm off on your phone, use the app to log your dream. It’s time to see what your dreams really mean with Dreamboard.

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