Google Photos: One Home For All Your Photos

Posted on Monday, June 1st, 2015 by

googlephotos5Google Photos lets you store, edit, and share an unlimited amount of photos online.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

googlephotos2Google Photos was one of the major announcements at Google I/O, the developer conference that took place last week. It’s Google’s most impressive offering in recent years, as it offers unlimited cloud storage of all of your images and videos. You can upload as many photos as you’d like through the Google Photos web app, or you can have them automatically synced from all of your devices. It’s useful to have a centralized location online to view, organize and share all of your images, and Google Photos comes with all the functionality you’d expect if you’re a regular user of gmail or other Google applications.


Gmail For Photos

googlephotos3Google Photos also integrates the company’s signature search feature into the app. If you want to find all the pictures you’ve uploaded of a certain thing or object — like “flowers” or “dog” — you can type it into the search bar and have a (mostly correct) list of results returned. You can also search by location, as all of your photos are automatically geotagged. There are a bunch of other features that make Google Photos much better than a comparable option like iPhoto. Aside from the fact that storage is cloud based, you can also edit images, create GIFs and panoramas, and create interactive timelines. It’s an amazing, free application that’s already transforming the way pictures are saved and shared online.


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