DuJour: Get Acquainted With a Life of Luxury

Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2013 by

If you’ve ever wondered what a life of luxury looks like, take a look inside DuJour. A new take on the emagazine, DuJour introduces its readers to the finest in life, style, culture, and more from celebrities and their friends who help them live their best lives.

Luxury From Style to Fitness

In collaboration with Gilt Groupe, the Designer Flash Sale site, DuJour brings you the finer things in life. Updated frequently and even found in print, DuJour aims to show it’s readers a life of luxury they deserve. Read articles written about culture, style, and even the latest fitness trends.

Du Jour introduces you to celebrities, their latest lines, and even people they are collaborating with that you didn’t know about! Looking for a great doctor that the “elite” have been using for years. Only in Du Jour can you get the scoop on the top aesthetic professionals in cities across the country. Learn about the collaboration between Deepak Chopra and Rachel Roy to create a fashion line that gives back. Read about the style makings in time pieces like Anna Karenina and even get inspired from a wild interview with Jeff Bridges’s zen teacher.

Make the items of the magazine yours

Du Jour¬†adds a bit of class and unique taste to the usual articles and magazines of today. Since the magazine is in collaboration with Gilt, readers can browse through the galleries of items being featured, and even be directed to a site to purchase the item. Skim through the virtual pages of this magazine and find an endless amount of items you’ll lust over, and maybe even make your own!

Get an inside scoop on what the celebrities are doing that you didn’t hear about, what new collection is hitting stores next month that also benefits under-priveleged children. Whether it’s for fun or a monthly update of how to live the good life, DuJour is always an enticing read!

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