Wallshops: Stroll Through the Mall from Your Computer

Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2013 by

Now that the holidays are over ¬†and we have received our yearly alotment of clothing from malls that may not be our style or size, it’s time to get something we love. But sometimes finding a mall parking spot is harder than finding a new outfit. Wallshops makes shopping through the mall easier by virtually taking you to the websites of individual shops at the mall.

Shop the Mall Online

Whether it’s your guilty pleasure or because you don’t like the mobs of people at your local mall, Wallshops brings you the shopping experience you’ve dreamt of. I wish I could say it’s as easy as walking from store to store, but it’s even easier. Click the “walk” bag and you can seamlessly move from shop to shop. Looking for specific departments like women’s, kids, electronics, and more; select those categories and walk through only those particular shops. You can customize your shopping experience to include certain categories all of the time or select one to shop only those stores.

Store Your Faves

For your go-to stores, keep them in the Favorites section so you can always come back later. Wall shops presents many stores in your category, but if you don’t like a particular store you can select “dislike” so it won’t appear when you “walk” through again. If you’re looking for a specific store, type in the search box and shop away! If they don’t have the store you’re looking for you can suggest for it to be added.

Whether you’re just browsing for fun or really don’t want to go to the mall, Wallshops is your solution. Take a virtual walk through your mall today!

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