Defend Your Nuts 2: Our Defense/Shooting Game of the Week

Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2013 by

On Defend Your Nuts 2 you play a cute chipmunk who will ferociously defend his precious nuts supply for the cold winter, a goal that justifies all means…

Defend Your Nuts!

There are some things that are worth fighting for… For our brave little chipmunk, nuts are precious enough for him to put his foot down! And so, on Defend Your Nuts 2 we join our hero as hordes of evil spawns claw their way toward his tree-house treasury where he keeps his nuts. All means are legitimate while you try to drive them away, using a bow and arrow, firearms, a magical wand or explosive bombs, you fight your way through the levels while gaining a helping hand from companions, upgrading your abilities and fortifying your tree house.

Enhance Your Performance!

As you fight trough Defend Your Nuts 2 levels you collect various ‘drops’, from money for upgrades to ammunition for your weapons. You have to be smart with your upgrading, simply strengthening your squirrel is not enough, as the game’s level progresses, new characters will appear and will take part in the battle, you can get fellow squirrel soldiers to help attack, defend or heal you and they each can be upgraded themselves. All these aspects are what make Defend Your Nuts 2 such a fun and addicting game, click here to play it now.

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