More than Just Bar Refaeli… AdBlitz: All the Best Super Bowl Ads!

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 by

AdBlitz is a joint project of Adweek and YouTube that is dedicated to the most important thing in Super Bowl Sunday: The ads! Watch, vote and share your favorite 2013 Big Game commercials!

The Game is a Side Dish…

Super Bowl ads could arguably be the best part of every year’s Sunday championship game. Companies have paid nearly $4 million for one 30-second Super Bowl ad this year, but as fans we don’t care if this is worthwhile for them, we just love the funny and witty commercials. YouTube Ad Blitz is a great channel on YouTube that compiles all the best Super Bowl ads for you to watch and share; and adds in a load of extra content related to the non-football bits that so many of us love about the Super Bowl. Which ad was your favorite this year? Vote and see if you see eye to eye with the rest of America!

We are the Judges!

We’re living in a material world and all of us are material boys and girls… We are all consumers. But every year on Super Bowl Sunday we prepare for the big capitalistic show: the Big Game ads! All the best copywriters are fighting for our opinion, because they know that the commercial that will create the biggest buzz will put them in the hall of fame. We’ll judge and critique and scrutinize each one, mentally taking notes to determine the winning ad. And 48 hours later, after we relived the videos on YouTube and debated coworkers about the sexiest and most hilarious ads, we’ll start counting the days till next year’s stock. But first we will probably go and buy something… You can find ALL Superbowl 47’s ads on AdBlitz, go on and watch them all over again!

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