Brownbook: An Urban Guide to the Middle East

Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2016 by

BrownbookBrownbook shows that there is more to the Middle East than what we see on the news.

A Trip To The Unknown

BrownbookThe first thing most think of when they hear about the Middle East is what is shown on news stations, or politicians opinions and reactions. But there is so much more to this area of the world that many have and will never see. Brownbook is an urban guide to the Middle East. Beyond the unfortunate things we see on the news and read about, the Middle East is filled with culture, art, food, architecture, history and so much more. Brownbook features posts about cities, music, architecture and interviews about the better side of the Middle East. These posts aren’t political, but to highlight all the good things that middle eastern countries represent. Explore a different side of the world beyond what you’ve been told about this region with Brownbook.


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