Nova: Science for Curious Minds

Posted on Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 by

NovaLet your curiosity get the better of you with Nova.

Curiosity Didn’t Kill The Cat

NovaThe world is filled with so much to discover, but it isn’t always easy to discover it all. At Nova, the goal is to make it easier to find jargon-free and accessible information covering the vast topic of science. Nova is a new and dynamic site filled with photos, infographics, videos, animation, interactive elements and anything else that makes it easier to understand and learn about science. Because science is updating and changing all the time, so does the information on Nova. You won’t be discovering outdated information. Nova is divided into different categories: technology & the future, people & medicine, earth & environment, space & time and everything else. There is something for everyone to discover about science with Nova! P.S.- it’s actually interesting to learn.


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