Game of the Week: Mahzoong

Posted on Saturday, May 21st, 2016 by

MahzoongMahzoong takes your favorite classic game, and adds a little something extra.

Find Your Perfect Match

MahzoongMahzoong has taken you favorite game, Mahjong and upgraded it just a bit. When playing mahjong, the pieces are all the same color, you’re just playing at a table, there isn’t to much excitement going on in the game. With Mahzoong, the images of ancient symbols have turned to cute zoo animals, and there is now a time limit! Every level there are more and more pieces to pair up. Each level there are hints if you need them and bombs to blow out some of the pieces to get the game going. If you’ve hit a wall with no moves, re-shuffle the board too. Kick your usual mahjong game up a notch with Mahzoong!


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