Tonara – App of the Week: Interactive Sheet Music

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 by

Tonara is an app that actually listens to musicians and helps them learn, rehearse, and perform.

Musicians best friend…

Tonara actually listens to musicians, it shows them their exact position on the score while they play, and automatically turns the pages when the time is right. The software is robust enough to continue tracking the performance even if the musician changes tempo, makes mistakes or repeats a section and even works when external noise interferes.

iTunes of Sheet Music?

According to the Tonara team, they plan to become the “iTunes of sheet music”. Future versions of the Tonara app will aspire to provide an automatic accompaniment for multi-part scores that matches the player’s performance and an automatic analysis and grading of the player’s performance. 

Start rehearsing!

Tonara can be downloaded for free with six built-in scores of sheet music, getting extra sheet music will cost you between 1$ to 4$. If your a musician you must check it out, for you it can be a life altering app.


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