DealAngel: Find the Best Yet Cheapest Hotel

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 by

DealAngel is a hotel deal seeking search engine that will indicate and rate the best hotel deals in your desired date andĀ  location.

Deal seeking made easy…

When ever you plan a trip searching for a hotel is the biggest nuisance. Unlike other hotel search engines, DealAngel cuts through the information overload to show you exactly which hotels are offering the highest value for your money across the market. Once you have signed in you enter your desired destination and dates and DealAngel will show you which hotels are offering a deal. The platform is map based on-which you have dots that symbolize the hotels, each colored by how attractive its deal is.

How does DealAngel find the deals?

According to the DealAngel team it is done the same way a stock broker tracks the stock market, By keeping track of the changes in prices across the hotel market to figure out the fair market rate for each hotel on each day. They compare the same criteria as other sites do such as location, features, and star value, while also taking into account a hotel’s past pricing. Then they take each individual hotel’s present offer and compare it to that fair market rate to find you the ones priced significantly below what they should be charging. Sounds a bit science fiction but as long as the results are favorable in your account, who care how they really do it? Try it next time you are traveling, do your own research then checkĀ DealAngel’s advice, and see for yourself.


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