Playground Sessions – A New Generation of Piano Lessons

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Playground Sessions is a musical app that helps people learn how to play piano taught by YouTube sensation David Sides and co-created by Quincy Jones.

Reinvent the Way You Learn Piano

Playground Sessions is a revolutionary music education software that marries the effectiveness of Rosetta Stone with the playfulness of Guitar Hero. Co-created by Quincy Jones, and beginning with the piano and keyboard, Playground is aimed at the 95% of the world who are just passive listeners of music with the goal of transforming them to become active participators and creators of music. Whereas most forms of teaching music features children’s tunes or now-forgotten songs, Playground Sessions uses current, well-known pop music, in addition to famous classical and traditional repertoire. Playground Sessions incorporates gaming elements such as real-time feedback, scoring, and badging, as well as progress-tracking visualizations. These features engage and entertain users, help them learn faster by identifying problem areas, and reward them for their progress.

Learn Anywhere at Your Convenience

The software also integrates a sophisticated music curriculum that is both broad and deep. There are three levels of song arrangements and lessons, designed to guide the student from the simplest patterns to the most complex. There are three corresponding levels of music theory lessons, covering keyboard skills, rhythm, notation, and playing by ear. The lessons are included as high-definition video tutorials taught by the well-known YouTube pianist David Sides. Users learn musical concepts and principles more quickly and effectively when they’re already familiar with the music they’re playing. 

Visual Feedback = Instant Gratification

Practice with instant visual feedback so you know right away which keys you’ve played correctly and incorrectly. This helps you see where things are going well and where things need work. At the end of each section, you will receive an accuracy report and a score, motivating you to practice more. Playground Sessions translates your progress into easy-to-read graphs and charts so you can see where you’re improving over time and where more practice is needed. Earn badges for your accomplishments, try to beat your high score, then proudly display and share them with friends. Today, you can learn how to play piano. Take the challenge and put on a concert for your family and friends. Don’t think what would it be like to play the piano, start playing now!

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