Sound Creatures X Pictoplasma – Say Hello to New Creatures

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2013 by

Sound Creatures is a website featuring imagined creatures. Founder David Kamp puts together illustrations and sounds of hypothetical creatures which are scarily quite real.

Pictoplasma Allow Drawings to Meet Sound

Sound Creatures is a project started in 2011 created by David Kamp. He created a set of creature sounds and asked some brilliant illustration and animation friends what they think this creature looks like. The artworks and the sounds that inspired them are on display are on the website. In 2012 the sound creatures visited the wonderful Pictoplasma character design festival and around 30 sounds were played back and drawn by the festival attendees. The drawing exhibited on the website are the result of multiple sound drawing sessions.

Meet and Greet the Wonderful Creatures

Sound Creatures features beautifully hand drawn illustrations of innovative and creativeSound Creatures - features beautifully hand drawn illustrations of innovative and creative creatures creatures. At first glance the creatures look like normal animals but with further inspection it’s easy to tell that the creatures have an interesting twist to them or are simply a hybrid of two animals put together. Adding to the creativeness of the drawings, are sounds created by Kamp which he believed would be the noises the hypothetical creatures would give off. This definitely helps the user imagine the creature as if it was truly real. All in all the overall experience of the website is overwhelmingly real and genuine. Scrolling through illustrations is quite addicting and fun. Although, I can’t fully describe for you. It’s an experience you need to check out to understand fully.

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