Top 10 Online Games of 2012: All the Best Games of the Year!

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When you’re on your coffee break, you usually turn to online games to cure your boredom. This is why there are so many of them; some brilliant – most quite lame. These are our top 10 online games that made everybody’s spare time a little more tolerable through 2012!

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Every Wednesday for the past six years, AllMyFaves has provided you with ten brand new online games to fill up your weekend’s spare time. 2012 was not an exceptional; every week we combed the web for exciting new game releases, filtered the good from the bad and provided you with quality time killers. A short math quiz: Ten new games every week, times the 52 weeks of 2012 will give you… Well, I’m not really going to make you work for it: It’s 520 new games. On this list you will find our 2012 all-star online games, carefully handpicked from our weekly games, giving you the best of the best of 2012 online gaming.

Here are our Top 10 Online Games of 2012:

1. Cut The Rope

A knock at your door delivers the tiny dude in a box, along with instructions to feed him… Cut The Rope has been a massive smash hit on the iPhone and iPad and was recently released for online playing, free of charge. It’s a simple game; you have to feed candies to a little green monster hiding in a cardboard box, by cutting ropes (it’s less complicated than it sounds!). This cute viral game is a world wide success so its a small wonder that it was chosen ‘Game of the Year’ by our beloved users… If you don’t know it and want to see what the commotion is all about, you can try it here.

2. Takeover

Takeover is an online, medieval fantasy strategy game. Build infrastructures for your army and banish the armies of your eternal enemies… You start each level with a small castle, you have to create fighting unites and build supporting buildings such as gold mines, barracks and shrines. Then the game-play kicks in, you have to do everything fast because the enemy doesn’t wait for you to settle in… You must decide what your priorities are: going on a treasure hunt, building settlements or straight out building fighting units for an all out attack before your enemy gets ahead of you. Takeover is a throwback for all of us nostalgia lovers to the great Warcraft game in its original version before online gaming began.

3. Baseball Smash

On Baseball Smash you play Baseball where it should be played, the back yard, with it’s angry neighbors… Your goal is not stealing bases, batting a home-run or making a phenomenal catch, it’s good old teenage vandalism. The score on Baseball Smash is based on object you hit with the ball, whether its a hotdog carts , bypassing people, windows, farm animal, police cars and and any other piece of property you can imagine… The more accurate your destructive shot is, the further you will go on this game. It’s a fun way to blow off steam, so if you feel an urge to smash things up, this is the game for you!

4. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush represents a new age of tower defense games, an age where you are actually required to think... This awesome game takes place in a fantasy world where you are the commander of your King’s forces. Your kingdom is under attack, at the beginning of each level you get briefed about the enemy’s details; their strengths and weaknesses. You will have to learn where to deploy your barracks, when to upgrade them or buy a new tower, and what upgrades to get for your armies. Spiders, orcs, yetis and black knights will charge while your magic towers, arrow towers, artillery, and soldiers will valiantly defend. Kingdom Rush works because of its balance and its genuine difficulty, check it out and see: Are you made of a leader’s material?

5. I am Flying to the Moon

I am Flying to the Moon is a fun little game, where you simply try to fly your apparently wooden rocket as high as you can until you reach the moon in as few days as possible. The further you get, the more coins you fly through, and the more obstacles you avoid along the way leads to you earning money, which can be spent on upgrades which  improves the tech behind your rocket. So there’s lots of incentive to keep going. The upgrading system on I am Flying to the Moon is what makes it such a fun game, you’ll soon think of the next purchase for your rocket while launching another doomed attempt. Give it a try and discover a whole new meaning to the word ‘addictive’.

6. Silly Sausage

Silly Sausage is an awesome retro puzzle game where you use your wit and get the lovable stretchy dog to the finish. Silly Sausage is one of the more surprisingly fun games we’ve played this year. When you first click onto Silly Sausage you would be mistaken for thinking you’ve warped back to the days of arcade classics like Pacman, Super Mario etc. You’re consumed by soothing 1980s arcade game music, flashing lights and nice, big, chunky graphics. You play by using the keyboard arrows to direct a loveable little sausage dog through sticky mazes, collecting gems and avoiding various flying objects that will electrocute your new pet pooch. And that’s basically it: simple, retro fun that will take up a few minutes in your next coffee break!

7. Boom Town

Boom Town will send you back in time to join the Gold Rush where you’ll do your best to get rich, with careful use of high explosives. As its name implies, you play a gold miner who blows things up while trying to gain gold, but the thing that will get you addicted is not the detonations but the gameplay. You see, on Boom Town you don’t earn money just by gaining gold, you build a town in the process and do what ever you can to ensure people continue to move onto your land, earning you more money. The combination of maintaining your town’s happiness and bombing every peace of nature around it is bound to be your next time-killing addiction, take our word for it!

8. Midas

Midas is a tough puzzle game where the hero, as the name suggests, is king Midas who turns everything he touches into gold. The aim of each level is to help him getting across the environment to reach the woman he loves. Your goal is to navigate though the screen, turning blocks to gold while you’re going about which plays with their mass, allowing gravity to pull at them. Sometimes it will allow you to bring down the ceiling to create steps, but at other times it will take the floor out beneath you. Midas has to touch one of the blue water blocks on each level, which will temporarily end his curse but will also prevent you from altering blocks. Try it and make sure that you have a strategy for getting back from the water as well as getting to it!

9. Jack Smith

Jack Smith is a medieval action/management game where you man the forge and craft the best weapons for your warriors in a food serving game format. You’re a medieval blacksmith forging weapons such as swords, bows, axes, shields etc… Jack Smith is a donkey on a mission that takes you across the land, but the trails are blocked by monsters, which requires the help of valiant warriors that will need your blacksmith’s services. While the warriors fight your way further down the path, you gather the loot and help out with your trusty cannon all the while making progress across the land towards the evil wizard Dudley! Play Jack Smith for free here!

10. Go Kart Go Nitro

The wacky animals are back in Go Kart Go Nitro with new friends for a crazy kart experience. It’s a really fun Mario Kart style cartoon racing game where you control the animal of your choice (I was strangely drawn to the Monkeyboy for some reason!), and then race to the finish line, collecting stars and booby prizes along the way. One warning though… you’ll have to sit through 30 seconds of rather unpleasant advertising from Addicting Games to get to the actual Go Kart Go Nitro game (and you need Shockwave installed on your PC too). It’s definitely worth the 30 second minor annoyance however, so click here to get playing for free! :)


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