Wittlebee: A Monthly Mail Subscription… For Your Kid’s Clothes!

Posted on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 by

Wittlebee saves parents time and money by helping them put their kid’s clothes on autopilot… Or in other words, you can actually subscribe to receive a customized box full of kids clothes each month! 

What is Wittlebee?

Wittlebee is a subscription-based clothing club for kids. The team’s aim is to keep parents well stocked with children’s clothes by delivering a box of new items to their doorstep every month. Members receive personalized packages based on their child’s age, color preferences, geographic location and more. The service costs $39.99/month, and for this amount Wittlebee ships new kids clothing items right to your door.

The service is meant to supplement your child’s existing clothing supply with new, fun items. As your child grows so can the sizes of clothes you receive each month.

No more meltdowns at the mall!

To get started you register, filling your kid’s details such as age and size, ‘fashion preferences’ etc…  You provide your shipping address and credit card information, and that’s it! Every month you will receive a customized box based on your personal preferences in gender, color, sizes and geographic location.

Wittlebee even provide photos of a few sample boxes as examples to help you get started. Each month, you will receive 6 items, with a retail value of about $100.

So, no more theatrical episodes in your local mall when trying to make your kids try on an outfitTake a look at Wittlebee, try it, if you don’t like it you can always cancel, but I don’t think you will…



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