Findings: Collect and Share Great Quotes from Across the Web

Posted on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 by

Findings lets you collect great quotes from across the web, share it and browse the findings of others. If you like quotes, this is basically your online mecca!

Aspire to be inspired

Findings takes one of the most popular hobbies on the internet, quoting inspiring words, to another level by making it easier to do, and most importantly, easier to share.

You’ll be collecting great quotes from across the web in no time, all you have to do is add the ‘Clip to Findings’ bookmarklet and browse away. If you encounter a sentence, phrase or thoughts of someone you think are worth quoting, the bookmarklet lets you highlight the words you wish to quote and launch them to Findings. 

Pay your respects to those who deserve it

To quote someone is the highest respect one can give the writer, it means that what they wrote deeply touched you and drove you to action. Findings makes the tribute an easy task, especially as the templates it allows you to display them on are clear and particularly social. So if you encounter an inspiring sentence quote it and share it with the world with Findings!

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