Flavors.me: The Easiest and Most Stylish Way to Create a Unified Web Presence

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2012 by

Flavors.me allows you to create a stylish website in minutes, bringing together social media updates, photos, videos and more into a unified web presence.

Your web face must be different and beautiful!

Flavors.me offers a great solution to anyone who wants to make one landing page where visitors can get the whole picture of who he/she is. By going through a simple building process, that requires no coding knowledge what so ever, you determine the layouts and structure of your site and almost every aspect of design such as colors, fonts, background and even shades and effects. It took me about 10 minutes to make my site, and I think its not so bad for a site that was made in such haste…

It’s probably expensive… Not!

Believe it or not, Flavors.me is actually free! You can create a stunningly beautiful site that will feature everything most users need free of charge. If you want more; mobile layouts, some of the stats checks, some even better looking designs, or the option for a custom domain name, it will cost you $20 per year (buying the domain will cost you an additional fe).  And that is how Flavors.me is making its $, it is 100% advertising free, No annoying toolbars and pop-ups on your site, and they promise they will never sell your data. Its a fun service and can be useful for people who need a site to promote themselves and can’t afford buying a site builder. Go play with it, I assure you  that while you’ll give it a try, you’ll have a blast.


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