Weboolu: Make Your Own Gaming Console With Your Smartphone

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2012 by

Weboolu is a ‘Virtual Entertainment Console’. Or in other words, a mobile web app that uses the smartphone screen as a controller, and turns any screen into a virtual games console!

A new way to experience games online with Weboolu:

Weboolu is bringing online games into line with new media. You already play lots of free online games with us at All My Faves. They’re great little time passers. You use your computer’s keyboard to control them. It works. Why then would you need to turn that into a virtual games console using your smartphone?

We asked Gur Zeevi, CEO and Co-Founder of Weboolu, exactly that, and he gave us some great examples:

Why Weboolu? According to its co-founder:

You can now stream anything on your computer screen onto a much larger TV screen, so that means you can pretty much create your own virtual games console. With Weboolu, you can save all your content, games and scores to carry on from where you left off, but most importantly, you can control any game on your TV screen with your smartphone, taking full advantage of the multi-screen technology lots of these games are made for.

Let’s say for example you enjoy playing games like Band Hero (they call it Band Tube) online, this would work best with 4 friends, in your living room, in front of the TV. If you all use Weboolu, you can play with 4 smartphone controllers, each showing his channel, while the TV (acting as a second screen) displays the whole Band.

Weboolu can make that multi-screen experience happen, and introduce added touch-screen actions like swipe and zoom to make these games more user intuitive.

Smartphones at the ready!

So if you’ve got a smartphone, all you need to do is type weboolu.com into your mobile web browser, install the free Weboolu ‘webmote’ (web-remote) and then connect with the online version, and away you go! Try it out if you enjoy gaming (and have a few minutes!).



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