Polygon: The Ultimate Source for Gaming News and Reviews

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Polygon is website that loves video games and it shows on every feature and item on the site. It thoroughly covers every aspect of the gaming world so that you will not miss-out on anything.

The perfect homebase for Gamers!

Polygon is a true gamer’s website. Its mission is to cover not only games but the people who make games and the fans who play them.

It’s built to deliver fast, comprehensive news, in-depth feature stories and reviews that bridge the gap between criticism and buying advice.

The site is producing beautiful, long-form features covering the world of video games, with thorough, exhaustive, quick, and accurate reviews, accompanied by interesting pictures and videos.

When good parenting produces a brilliant kid…

The site is powered by Vox Media, who is also the origin of ‘SB Nation‘ and emerges from the warm embrace of it’s other older brother, ‘The Verge‘ in-which it used to be a gaming niche. Vox Media’s concept is that they don’t think of websites as static repositories but rather as evolving, iterative platforms. Polygon is software and it’s built to be updated. Continuing this philosophy, Polygon encourages the social aspect with it’s users and features lots of forums and encourages the fan’s conversation with their staff and with each other. If you like Gaming you must check Polygon out, you will probably feel it was made just for you!

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