Habitica: Gamify Your Life

Posted on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 by

Habitica is a self-help app in which you gamify your life.

Build Your Character

There are many apps and websites out there that purport to help with common life issues. Whether you want to exercise more, eat healthier, stop smoking, lose weight, or accomplish any of the New Year’s resolutions that you’ve already abandoned, there is an app out there that’s likely promised you results. But a general to-do list app isn’t realistically going to help you accomplish your goals. Habitica might not be the product for you either, but at least the site takes an extremely innovative approach to helping users form healthy habits or make the lifestyle changes that they set out to achieve.

Advance To The Next Level

Habitica turns habit-forming into a game. You can create daily tasks — such as brushing teeth, flossing, washing dishes, etc. — and choose a reward that you earn for completing each task. The rewards all serve to benefit your character, a unique avatar which you choose when you set up a Habitica account. There’s a psychological reaction that happens as you’re determined to upgrade your character by completing tasks, as well as doing more complex RPG-style gaming elements like growing eggs and hatching potions. If you’re a gamer that wants to improve your life, Habitica is going to be amazing for you. If you’re not a gamer, there’s a somewhat steep learning curve, but it’s still a fun and unique alternative to the other habit-forming apps on the market.

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