Sound Slice-The Guitar Lessons of the Future

Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 by

If you’re starting to look like this guy because guitar tabs make you frustrated, you can finally rest easy. Soundslice is the tabs guide you’ve needed but didn’t know where to begin.

Guitar Tabs Made Easy

Whether you’re looking to play your go-to song or want to teach others your skills, Soundslice can help create tabs for guitarists. While I may not be a guitar player of any sort, many of my friends are. When I had them check out the site they were amazed at how convenient and useful it will be for them to play a new song. No more having to replay a certain verse or flip back and forth through pages of tabs.

See what other people are listening to and creating their own tabs for on the “Latest” tab. Each video has a section for the chords being played and the finger placement. Want to save it for later? Bookmark the video so you can come back and learn it.

Create  and share your own tabs

Need to learn a certain pattern? Turn off the scrolling option and go over the part of the song that needs practice. You can even turn the song on half speed. Search your favorite artist to see if people have already annotated the tabs or create your own for a new song.

If you’re looking for an easier way to learn your favorite song or create tabs of your own, share them on Soundslice.

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