Portal Quest – Our puzzle game of the week

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 by

Portal Quest is a great puzzle game, try escaping the lab using nothing but your wits and your portal making gun.

You must be both quick and smart!

On this challenging puzzle game your goal is to escape the lab using your portal gun and your wits and cunning. The portals you can make are linked, so walking into one sees you emerge from the other, allowing unusual ways around a room.The portals can be created only on certain places so that it will not be to easy for you… Quick reactions and moves are required as well so don’t think your wits are enough for Portal Quest. Laser beams, barriers, platforms and other interesting obstacles will make your mission harder as you climb through the levels, 30 brainteasers to be exact.

Fun and challenging!

Portal Quest is a nice coffee break game (if your sipping from a Texas size mug…), play and enjoy!


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