WatchTheTitles: The art of designing a movie Appetizer

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‘Forget the Film, Watch the Titles’ is a Submarine Channel project dedicated to the exciting art of title design (film, tv, games, events) and its creators.

Because first impression is everything!

Going to the cinema is often a getaway from the everyday life. The transition from reality to its onscreen alternative has to be smooth otherwise you will not experience the film to the full. Here comes the role of the Titles, in few moments it is supposed to get you exactly in the mood the director intended you to be in, it can be engaging or wildly entertaining, funny, exhilarating, or simply drop dead beautiful. To make a long story short, making a good title sequence is a work of art.

What is this website all about?

The project started several years ago when Femke Wolting, founder of Submarine Channel, curated a program for the International Film Festival Rotterdam showing a selection of the best title sequence designs. The program was called ‘Forget the Film, Watch the Titles’. SubmarineChannel editor Remco Vlaanderen has been collecting and researching title sequences for several years and this site is the labor of love and passion to the art of title sequence.
‘Forget the Film, Watch the Titles’ is a project that celebrates the art of title making, mainly movie title sequence but not only, games, TV, events and festivals are interesting platforms as well where interesting title design innovations are taking place. The teams motto is that title designs keeps evolving and are┬áthe signifiers of contemporary pop culture.

Some times the appetizer tastes better then the main course…

Personally, I have never paid to much attention to the titles, but as I browsed through this website, seeing them one after the other, I realized their genius. Subconsciously my mood was altered into the mood the artist, I mean director, wanted me to be in. Have a look and share my enthusiasm.

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