Noticed Instagram-for-Video Socialcam On Your Facebook Newsfeed?

Posted on Monday, May 7th, 2012 by

This is Socialcam – app of the week – and probably something you’ve already been spammed by (oops…) accidentally noticed popping up all over your Facebook newsfeed. It’s a startup app that appears to have achieved the unachievable: dominate the newsfeeds of over half of Facebook’s users, simply by posting that you just watched a video every time you watch one through their app or website… Which has led to some hilarious/embarassing results… “Johnny just watched ‘Hot girl flashes boobs’ on Socialcam” anyone?

“Instagram for Video”: Easily shoot & share artsy iPhone videos

Of course the reason for such Facebook Newsfeed humiliation/spamming/video fun (whichever you prefer) is because Socialcam is basically Instagram, but for videos. It’s an app that lets you shoot videos, then edit them with cool filters, soundtracks and typography, and finally share the result publicly, both on the Socialcam platform and any social networks you choose. It’s easy to use, gives fun results, and makes it incredibly easy to share your artsy video creations.

It’s already got some big celebs using it (including Britney Spears and Floyd Mayweather), which is usually a surefire way of smelling when there’s a hit a’coming. So click here to jump on the Socialcam bandwagon. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about every video you watch on the platform being broadcast to the entire world on random ‘friends” Facebook newsfeeds 😉








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