Hang Line: Extreme Mountain Climbing

Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2019 by

Hang Line is a fun mobile game created by Ed Kay.

Swing Up A Mountain

Hang Line is a game for that like a meditative experience, the challenge of a puzzle, and the vague notion that their character is doing something positive for the fictional universe. The premise of the game is that you guide your character from iceberg to iceberg via grappling hook, rescuing individuals whok are stranded on a mountain. Once you’ve cleared all the individuals that you need to find in a particular level, you still need to make your way to the top. Falling is acceptable, as long as there’s something beneath you to catch you. As you advance, naturally, the challenges and obstacles grow increasingly harder.

Save The Stranded People

Even if you’re scared of heights, Hang Line can provide a soothing experience. The graphics are well done, and it’s satisfying to watch your character swing from one iceberg to another. It’s nice that the game takes climbing seriously, making the cartoonish game as “realistic” as possible without losing its fun edge. Each of the 50 worlds was hand built by the designer, and there are tons of useful gadgets and power-ups that you can earn along the way. Do you have a hidden desire to scale a mountain? Do you want to rescue people who are stranded? Start with Hang Line instead.

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