Go Go Goblin: Play the free, online Catapult Madness game

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2012 by

It’s all gone a bit catapult madness here at All My Faves! Go Go Goblin is our free online game of the week, and it’s all about catapulting your goblin as far as possible. How far can you throw yours?

Wake me up before you Go Go (Goblin)!

So basically, Go Go Goblin is an online, ‘goblin-ized’ version of Catapult Madness, the iPhone game where you throw an unfortunate, little man as far as you can, using the King’s catapult.

The further you catapult your goblin, the more coins you collect, which can be spent on boosters in the Goblin Goods shop – as you can see below. Those will help you launch the goblin further than ever. Which is of course a good thing.

Of course, it never ends well for our poor goblin friend: he usually ends up impaled on spikes. Although that always seems to make us want to play more for some reason…

So what are you waiting for! Play Go Go Goblin on All My Faves Games right here, right now. Put some Go Go into your Goblin!


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