Kuvva: The Most Interesting Backgrounds For Desktop & Twitter

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2012 by

KUVVA: What do you have as your desktop background right now, and how long has it lingered as your default wallpaper? Maybe it’s time for a change…

With Kuvva, you get a cool, new background every day!

In fact with Kuvva, maybe every day is time for a change… Kuvva dedicates itself to giving you a brand new, beautiful desktop wallpaper (or Twitter background) every day!

Kuvva is the site you need to own the desktop with a difference. Every wallpaper they provide is interesting.

Whether it’s an awesome photograph of some far away place you’ll only ever see on your computer screen, or an eye catching piece of art, you’ll always wake up with something new to look at.

As a way to discover new, interesting artists, Kuvva also comes into its own. Each week they feature the photographs, paintings or installations of a cool artist, and you get a new one to explore each day.

Kuvva for Twitter backgrounds is an interesting concept too – it could give your followers a little bit of extra added value – a reason to check back to your page every day!

But hey, why talk about it when we can just show you it!

Click here to take a look at Kuvva and its imaginative array of Twitter and desktop backgrounds, before downloading the desktop app (or signing up if you’re a Twitter user).

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