Game of the Week: Can You Solve The Nightflies Puzzle?

Posted on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 by

Armed only with some cute lady beetles and your cunning wits, you set off to help the poor Nightflies in retrieving  the street’s lanterns.

Cute Physics!

Though the web  seems to be flooded with tons of physics puzzle games, Nightflies stands out mainly due to it’s cute affect. Each level has some colorful lanterns on or near the ground. Your job is to clear a path, using your lady beetles. You click to attach a ladybug to various moveable shapes around the screen, mind that you plan your moves carefully because you have a limited number of ladybug helpers. Point the bug in the direction you’d like it to fly and it will tow the shape behind it as it goes. Once the road is clear, the Nightflies will pick the lanterns up and carry them to their proper place above.

Sounds Easy? Think Again!

Your bugs are strong and can lift just about anything, but they are not that bright and can push against anything in their path so you have to calculate their entire route. The lanterns are fragile and will break if something falls on them, or if they fall even the shortest distance, so you will have to think carefully upon the order of your action, some times synchronized flying is required along with plain witty creativity.

The nightflies will come automatically when you’ve used up all your turns, or you can call them in early by clicking on a lantern (Hint: some times you have to so that the flies will catch a rolling lantern!). So what you got here is a challenging puzzles with beautiful animations and cute ladybugs to wrap the deal… Good times guarantied!

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