App of the Week: Flava – The New Way to make a Journal

Posted on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 by

Our iPhone app of the week, Flava for iPhone, is a virtual journal where you can save your valuable memories and connect your life through various platforms.

Save your life on the cloud!

There is absolutely nothing better for me than to go back through the diaries I had in middle school and high school. Reading about all of the things that I found important and especially when I thought it would be the end of the world if a certain boy didn’t like me back, makes me laugh every time.

I really wish that I had a Flava journal app back then so that I could have all of my juicy life stories saved on the web. Since those days I went through at least three computers, so anything that I forgot to back up and save is now gone.

Store Photos, Videos, Places… anything

The Flava journal app allows you to store photos, videos, text, voice recordings, and so much more. Instead of music, movies, and books taking up space on your hard drive, you can also store them on the web using the Flava cloud service.

The Flava Cloud syncs automatically, allows tagging, and has awesome photo filters. On top of all of this, Flava is easily shared through social pages like Twitter and Facebook, not to mention its slick web service, iPad adaptability and a PC version (which we are told is coming soon).

The ideas for how to use Flava are limitless.

You can use Flava in so many different ways. Its creators suggest using Flava to store your idea notes, to document travel, as a baby album, or any type of scrapbook.

We would like to see more options to customize and put your personality into the actual journal, but then again, Flava’s clean interface works well in showcasing what’s most important: all your memories!

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