Fight to Stay Alive in Reprisal Universe: an Award-Winning, Free, Online Game

Posted on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 by

There is nothing worse than having your totems and people scattered along 30 islands, especially when you are a powerful leader of a distant tribe! Guide your people back, collect all of your totems, and become a powerful tribe one again with this free online game called Reprisal Universe.

Take control of a tribe and save the day

Nominated for a Golden Joystick Award 2012 award in the best browser / flash based game category, Reprisal lets you guide your tribe as you attempt to rebuild land and repopulate the population.

Reprisal also allows you to collect totem powers that allow you to control nature and use it against all three enemy tribes. Of course this is not all as easy as it sounds, no one in their right mind would just sit by while being shot at, so expect a fight.

Free online, $4.99 offline…

Reprisal is free online, but if you fall in love like we did, you can buy a download version for $4.99 for your computer. Reprisal is available on your desktop PC, Mac, or Linux.

To buy it you can go directly to their website or get Reprisal Universe from Get Games or Desura. With their new reach of 1,000,000 players within 4 months, Reprisal is offering a sale on their game; “To celebrate we are offering the full Reprisal Desktop edition with all it’s bells and whistles at a 50% discount for a limited time.”

What else is the team up to?

The Reprisal team is yet again busy at work with a new project called Battle Keep. “It’s going to be a realtime, multiplayer Bomber Man meets Gears of War meets 16bit Gauntlet boom-em-up.” So go and enjoy the tribal goodness that is Reprisal and expect more greatness coming soon!


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