Who Zoo: Tumblr Blog – the Animal Kingdom Explained & Animated

Posted on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 by

Who Zoo is a brilliant Tumblr blog animated by Mr. Whaite that presents zoological facts as fun Gifs – Who Zoo is here to share weird, wild and wonderful facts about the animal kingdom in funny bite-size chunks.

Who Zoo’s winning formula lies in its brilliant animations

The problem with most websites that paint the story of the animal kingdom is that the information is too dense for even adults to understand. Websites full of bulky, dry text that could possibly be interesting, but is hidden behind boring scientific photos and more useless information just don’t do it for us.

No, we need something visual, and Who Zoo gets it. Who Zoo knows that all we want is a quick fact and a funny animation to go with it. And so that’s what we get: A series of Gifs simple and funny enough for kids, while the facts that go alongside them are compelling enough for adults.

Not just for kids…

Pictures your kids will love, combined with facts you’ll enjoy learning? Sounds ideal really, and of course, this being a Tumblr blog, no sign up is needed to view the works of art (although if you do have a Tumblr, this is definitely a feed worth following!).

So far there are only 12 Gifs on the blog, but hopefully reviews like this will tempt the creator into making many many more! Watch this space…

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