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Daily BRINK: Get ready to think, laugh & discover with this series of interviews with the World’s foremost up’n’coming innovators, entrepreneurs & visionaries…

Daily Brink: Have you ever heard of Shawn Bercuson the creator of Prescreen, an online streaming platform aiming to redefine how films are distributed? Or Becky Straw, the founder of The Adventure Project which is rethinking the way we donate to charities? Maybe not yet, but for the last fifty weeks the Daily BRINK  has been discovering extraordinary people waiting to be discovered.

The Daily BRINK is an online publication and networking platform that features individuals with uncommon drive and passion. BR!NKers are innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who you haven’t heard about yet, but you’ll want to know. Just like how All My Faves brings you 10 weekly faves to discover on the web, each week you will meet five BR!NKers who seek innovate ways to become pioneers in their respective industries.

The Mission

Co-founders Gary Oldman and Jeremy Allen’s mission behind the Daily Brink is to feature exclusive interviews and original photo shoots providing a go-to site to meet tomorrow’s leaders, today. In just 50 weeks, BRINK has brought us 250 people that are worth reading about. People range from actors to activists, from bakers to educators. Missed previous BR!NKers? The BR!NK archive allows you to stumble upon all past BR!NKers. Just pick a category and begin discovering!

BR!NKer Updates

The website often features BR!NKers as they are about to embark on their extraordinary journey. The best feature of the website, according to us that is, the option of revisiting some of the former interviewees in order to find out how much they have actually accomplished since they were featured on the site.

For Example Patricia Manuel, the very first BR!NKer, was training harder than ever to become the first female to ever represent the United States in the upcoming 2012 Olympics. Now, according to the latest BR!NKer update “is still knocking us out, prepping for the 2012 Olympics. She will be once again be competing this summer for the title of national champion before embarking on the nerve-racking selection process to become the first-ever female to represent the United States in the boxing category.”

All My Faves Bottom Line:

BR!NKers will make you think, laugh, discover. Don’t miss out at the chance to participate in their future successes!






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