Colonial Wars: Measure your Strength Against the Powerful AI in the Sea Battle!

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2013 by

On Colonial Wars you are to capture and hold the enemy islands with the help of your powerful fleet. Combine the strategy with the tactics in order to win the game.

In the Name of the King, Get that Island!

Colonial Wars is a real-time strategy game. It starts with you as a red colored island looking to expand your colony. To send your fleets off to battle, you click and hold on your island, then drag towards the island you want to invade and release, or drag to another island under your control first to send multiple armies to the same destination. Doing so sends over half the number of troops displayed at your island, and you need to send over a larger number than the one displayed on the enemy’s forces… The problem is that your AI enemy will try to do the same, and though its artificial it is indeed intelligent!

Don’t Judge this Book By it’s Cover!

At first glance you may think that Colonial Wars will not pose a challenge to seasoned strategy players like yourselves (I know I have…) but the difficulty picks up very quickly as you advance through the levels, the island position changes on the map, you find yourselves fighting multiple foes, and you have to deal with the forces of nature as a factor, etc… But to help you with the increasing difficulty there is also a nice upgrading system (though not very extensive… 🙁 ) that makes it a little easier to go by. I know that when you will start playing you will ask ‘What the hell was he so excited about?’ but hang in there for a few levels sand you will see. This game is as addicting as one can be!


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