flayvr: Instantly Showcasing Life Experiences as Interactive Fun Collections

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2013 by

flayvr automatically organizes your photos and videos from your iPhone, instantly showcasing your life experiences as interactive vivid collections, for you to keep and share with others

Upgrade your Galleries!

flayvr is a next-generation mobile gallery app that automatically organizes photos and videos from a user’s phone, instantly featuring life experiences as interactive vivid collections, which users can keep or easily share with others. flayvr solves the problem of endless swiping through camera rolls by bringing photos and videos back to life,  allowing consumers to discover photos and memories that have been forgotten or buried in their smartphone photo and video galleries.

Words of the Man Behind flayvr:

Ron Levy, flayvr’s CEO and Co-Founder, says: “flayvr is replacing the default ‘Photos’ app on your iPhone. Instead of getting lost in thousands of photos, flayvr automatically organizes all your photos AND videos and creates cool, engaging, interactive albums, allowing you to re-discover lost memories and easily share them.

Technology made it easier for us to take pictures and videos at any time, because we always carry our mobile with us. Because of this availability we take tons of pictures and videos and it is hard to track them afterwards, now there is a solution. Download this awesome app here and take control over your own galleries.



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