Microryza: Fund Research with the Click of a Button

Posted on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 by

What does a fungi that help plants grow have to do with funding research? Microryza is the newest take on funding research projects anywhere in the world.

Fund Research You Care About

Similar to sites we’ve previously featured Indigogo and Kickstarter, Microryza is the latest site to use crowd sourcing to fund money towards research you care about. The site is here to help researchers put their project out to the world and get the funding they need in order to collect the data that is necessary. Researchers set their goal amount and only receive the money if the goal is met in a certain time period.

Skim through the various projects and pick your cause. Anything from tracking Magellanic penguins to stopping spammers from harvesting your emails. Help cures be found such as putting a stop to parasites getting into people’s bodies in third world countries.

Still unsure of what to get your friend who has it all this holiday season? Donate to a project they are interested in, knowing your donation is making a difference. Want to know more about each project? Most research projects will list how the research will be conducted, why a certain amount of money is needed, and normally a video illustrating how their solution will work.

Interested in funding a cause? Peruse through the various projects, read the description, and donate to their research today. You never know how you can be contributing to society!

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