Bidkat: An Online Auction That’s Actually Better Than eBay?

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 by

Could we really have stumbled across an online auction website that’s better than eBay? Create your auction, advertise it, but don’t worry about all of the negotiating. Bidkat will negotiate, track, and find the best deal for your bid.

Bidkat is better than Craigslist and Ebay put together.…?

I have tried time and again to sell my things on Craigslist, Ebay, and even Amazon. Selling back to Amazon, I never got the best deals. Attempting to sell on Craigslist and Ebay left me with thousands of emails and bids for expensive things that only went for $10. Frustrated and disappointed, I had pretty much given up on all online auctions until I found Bidkat.

Make an auction page. Watch the bids fly in.

Bidkat allows you to make a bid page on any item. I decided that as an example, I would sell one of our wonderful All My Faves Co-Founder, Shachar’s favorite paintings (let’s hope he doesn’t find out!!). I entered a description, uploaded a photo, and picked a price range that I would accept. I set the minimum at $150.00 and wrote that I would realistically like to sell it for $250.00 for it.

Post your bid on any social network

After imputing all of this information, Bidkat gives you a URL to post anywhere- to Facebook, Twitter, Email, or any other social website you are on. The great thing about having this link is that you can advertise at your own desire, either keeping viewings to only your facebook friends or publishing the auction as viral as possible.

No annoying emails, no bids under your minimum, and negotiation done for you!

 When bids come in, you do not get any annoying emails. Instead, Bidkat will negotiate for you, and it didn’t allow any bids under the $150.00 that I set. Then it will send an email with the best bid of the week and ask if I accept this bid. On top of which it will graph out all of the bids sent your way.

I’m yet to discover if Shachar’s painting received any satisfactory bids. But we shall keep you posted on Twitter and Facebook! Watch this space… and have a try out Bidkat to sell your old stuff, if eBay and Craigslist just don’t do it for you!


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